Need help standing out from the noise?

Noise (n): a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that cause disturbance. 

Internet Noise (n): content that is loud or unpleasant that causes disturbance.


The internet is becoming increasingly cluttered with mindless distractions, poor content and general 'noise'. Making your brand stand out in the online world today is no easy task.


Thankfully, there is always room for quality and creativity.


Paint a picture, tell a story, engage your audience, add value.


Don't add to the noise. Break through it.


I'm Anneka and words are my thing. I can help craft those all important words you need to get your message heard loud and clear, or simply add some sparkle to what's already there.

What I can do for you.

I have worked with companies in industries ranging from micro-finance to fashion. I love learning new things, so I am open to hearing from you whatever your industry.

Services I offer:

-Informative, well researched blog posts

- Advertorials & editorials 

- Enticing product descriptions

- Unmissable emails and banner ads

- Sparkling social media copy

- Those all important finishing touches: proof reading and editing

Let's work together. Get in touch: