Tokyo's Robot Restaurant


Again, another thing we perhaps wouldn't have thought about going to without Kimmie's recommendation. An owl cafe and a Robot Restaurant restaurant, all in one day. Novelty is something that the Japanese really have down to a tee. No trip to Tokyo should be complete without going to a few outrageously themed establishments. The Robot Restaurant was the most expensive attraction we went to in Japan, but it was totally worth it. (Tip: Time Out Toyko have ¥1000 discount vouchers, reducing the price to ¥6000)

Firstly, The Robot Restaurant isn't actually a restaurant. You can eat during the show but the food doesn't really look anything special, and you really are too distracted during the entire show to do anything more than gawp - and perhaps sip on an Asahi. I would definitely advise saving eating until after the show as there are many nice restaurants in the area.

As for the show itself, it really is difficult to put into words. It's basically everything you imagine Toyko to be as someone who has never been to Japan before. An electric display of sexy Japanese girls riding around on various robots, from big robot sharks, dinosaurs and even a giant, sexy robot Japanese girl. There is a storyline which seems very irrelevant when you are so distracted by the spectacle in front of you. The whole building is just mental, as soon as you walk in your head kind of explodes. If you get migraines easily it's probably better not to go in at all. But otherwise, you have to do it.

Afterwards, we had our first of many Kushikatsu meals (deep fried cheese is a thing in Japan, guys) and went to the Golden Gai, an area filled with hundreds of teeny tiny little bars (I saw one that just had three seats!) Kimmie took us to the Rock Bar, pride of place inside the bar you will see Yoda eating a foot. Oh, Japan.