Nestled in the Highlands of Scotland is Glencoe, considered one of the most spectacular places of natural beauty in the country. We had pre-planned a day trip to this area beforehand, not only drawn in by tales of its beauty.. but also by our desire to be total Harry Potter nerds in a Prisoner of Azkaban filming location.

After stopping off at a place which caught our eye, we had a little wander around and took in the views and gale force winds. We were at the foot of Ben Nevis (although we couldn't see much of it) and surrounded by vast expanses of rugged land dotted with picture perfect streams and waterfalls.

As we were in Scotland during the last weekend of December, we were very much chasing those few hours of day light. I didn't appreciate how much shorter the days would be in Scotland compared to the Midlands, so we didn't hang around for too long before completing our journey to Loch Torren. It is in Loch Torren that the filming location of Hagrid's Hut can be found, overlooking the River Tay on the slope of Ben Nevis.

While Hagrid's hut, Buckbeak and dementors no longer reside in Loch Torren, if you are a Harry Potter fan like me, the place is sure to have a warm sense of familiarity. I had a wonderfully familiar feeling of being there before, even though it was my first time in Scotland.

The misty, low lying clouds may have obscured the view of the mountains which surround the area, however it brought a moody atmosphere reminiscent of the Prisoner of Azkaban film, you could practically feel dementors gliding around the lake.

To find Loch Torren, the best thing to do is get yourself to the Clachaig Inn, (Glencoe, Argyll PH49 4HX) a cosy spot walking distance from the area. The friendly staff will point you in the right direction and it's a great place to warm up after exploring the area, and to get a good night's sleep if you wish.