Getting to Know Chengdu


After an extremely long night on the train, we were overjoyed to reach our home for the next few nights, a cosy warehouse conversion called The Loft. After a wonderful nap we were reunited with one of our BFF's, Jamie, who we would be spending the next three weeks travelling with.

Chengdu is an amazing city, I much prefer it to Beijing or Shanghai. If I were to live in China, Chengdu would certainly be the place. The city is spacious, the locals are really friendly, the food is SPICY, and these guys live there.


We all loved Chengdu so much, that we came back again after an excursion south to climb Mount Emei and see a really big Buddha. Our Chengdu experience was hugely enhanced by meeting a lovely girl called Jane, who basically adopted us for our whole time there. We didn't do a whole lot of touristy stuff in Chengdu, we spent most of the time hanging out, eating hotpot and 'getting to know' the nightlife.

Our last night in Chengdu (round two) happened to be Halloween. Jane had told us about a big party, called Dojo, which would be happening. So we spent all day roaming the markets shopping for Halloween costumes. Jane and I finished ours in about an hour, all we wanted was face paint and I needed a black scarf. Ben and Jamie took nearly the whole day to find the perfect 'Old Chinese Granny' outfit.

We returned to Sim's Cosy after our day of market shopping. On our return to Chengdu we went to a different hostel, recommended by Jane as she used to work there. This hostel was really nice, it's right by a busy road, but once you walk through the gate you're in a tranquil garden. They even have a very well stocked cinema! Which we took full advantage of during our post-dojo hangover, where I slept through the entirety of This is England.


After a few rounds of Ring of Fire, we grabbed an Uber (taxi's are very cheap in China, and Uber, somehow, is even cheaper) which took us out of Chengdu to the Flower Town. I must say, this party is very well hidden, we were wandering around for a while, and even had to share another taxi with a lovely Korean girl, before we found the Dojo house. We exchanged some RMB for Dojo currency at the entrance, and then proceeded to enter what felt like a particularly hectic episode of Skins.

The two story house where Dojo happens appears to exist entirely to hold this party every couple of months. All the walls are covered in graffiti art, there's no breakable furniture to speak of, just a few comfortable chairs and sofas. Every room had something different going on, with several DJ's throughout the house and the gardens.

Dojo was one of the best, and craziest, parties I have ever been to. A group of us left and headed back to Sim's Cosy, I thought we seemed to be leaving quite early as the party was still going strong. I couldn't believe it, half an hour later, when we got back to the hostel. The sun had come up and it was 7.30am, I was convinced that it was no later than 3!

We sadly said our goodbyes to Chengdu for the second, and last, time. We embarked on an 8hour bus journey through the mountains to Songpan - where another big outdoor adventure awaited us.