We eased ourselves back into civillisation with a stop off at the Glengoyne distillery before heading towards the city lights of Glasgow. Although I'm not normally a whiskey drinker, I had got a bit of a taste for the spirit during the previous nights.. if you're ever going to get into whiskey, a winter's night in a log cabin in Scotland is surely the place to do it.

We had just made it in time for the final distillery tour of 2016, we opted for the 'Wee Tasting Tour' which, for £12 each, got us an hour long tour with Vivienne, who is a truly enchanting story teller, and a taste of both the 10 year and 25 year malts. There was definitely a marked difference between the Glengoyne and the cheaper stuff we had hauled into the cabin the previous nights.. When you learn about the intricate processes and time which goes into a 'high end' whiskey like Glengoyne, the price difference is understandable.

Often referred to as "the most beautiful distillery in Scotland", Glengoyne carries an enchanting, old-world charm framed beautifully by the forest and hills of the Highlands. Despite feeling like we had stepped back in time somewhat, the distillery is only a twenty minute drive from Glasgow. 

Giving Glengoyne its unique character, the whiskey is matured in old sherry casks from Spain and boasts the slowest whiskey stills in Scotland, giving it a smooth and complex flavour. If you fancy a splurge, you can buy your own barrel of whiskey, which must be kept in the distillery until ready to bottle - prices starting from around the £10,000 mark!

A great idea for a wee trip from Glasgow. The distillery is also located on the trail of the West Highland Way, the most famous long walk in Scotland, if you wish to combine your whiskey tour with an outdoor adventure.