Working next to this beautiful park makes for very pleasant lunch breaks, I really couldn't ask for a better place to eat my lunch and read my book. Tranquil, beautiful and rarely crowded, plus it's right next to the Mei Foo MTR so it's easy to pay a quick visit if you're just passing through the area. There's also an outdoor pool, skate park, running track and many other facilities if you are looking for  an active afternoon.

You can spot lots of terrapins (some small, some very big) swimming around this pond or chilling on the rocks.

One time, I saw this guy hanging out there too.

If you are coming from the Tsuen Wan line, take exit C1 and you'll be just across the road. If you are coming from the West Rail Line, you'll walk directly into the park.

Looking for a lunch spot? I'm a fan of Wolf Den, which is adjacent to the park. A nice spot with outdoor seating, serving good coffee and a western lunch menu.

I also found this interesting article, on Hong Wrong about the days when this was Hong Kong's biggest amusement park.